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Will DevMountain help me get a job after graduation?
Will DevMountain help me get a job after graduation?
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DevMountain works hard to help you. Throughout the web development bootcamp, we more than simply help students to learn web development. We do a number of things to help graduates of our immersive programs find jobs afterwards:

  1. In class training on networking, resumes, interviews, portfolio websites, LinkedIn, etc.

  2. Guidance on portfolio projects.

  3. Opportunities to network with potential employers. Contact information for each company in attendance is shared with students.

  4. One on one post graduation help upon request - Resumes, LinkedIn, and portfolio site critique and help.

  5. We maintain a very regularly posted digital job board, most of whom are employers DevMountain has a relationship with.

  6. Monthly job prep workshops for alumni and current students.

We give students more than just the opportunity to learn web development. Our graduates will end up in a variety of positions, ranging from internships up to full on Junior Developer positions. As with any course or bootcamp, the number and type of opportunities that will open themselves to graduates will largely depend on what each student has put into the course. DevMountain cannot guarantee jobs upon completion of the course. Why? Because your ultimate success depends mostly on what you do with the education you are given.

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