The deposit ($750 for immersive courses, $500 for after hours courses) is non-refundable and required to reserve your spot. If you violate a policy or are kicked out of the program by a DevMountain administrator for (1) ceasing to attend class, (2) unwilling work on projects or with peers, or (3) are significantly behind the majority of the class; DevMountain will refund a portion of your tuition per the following schedule:

1. If you drop during the first two weeks of class, we will refund all of your tuition except for the non-refundable deposit.

2. If you drop out during the first half of the program (but after the first two weeks) we will refund half of your tuition AFTER we deduct the non-refundable deposit.

3. If you drop out after the six (6) week mark, no portion of your deposit or tuition will be refundable.

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